The Story behind Centour Travel

Greetings everyone!

This year, the Covid-19 situation has really opened and changed the world in many areas, and the travel industry was not spared, and here we are, adapting each and every day.

Centour Travel was founded in 1984, through the vision of an inspirational lady, who unfortunately passed on in 2008. However, the team trudged on, armed with their passion and dedication, in loving memory of her. Many have stayed on for more than 20 years, staying true to the vision and mission of Centour Travel.

While the travel industry is still facing uncertain times, we at Centour Travel are striving to provide dedicated service to all of you, regardless of your queries and concerns, in the hopes of anchoring through the storm.

Therefore, Ancor came about, as a result of an exploration of other ways to provide new experiences and services for you, and we hope to bring about joy, interest, and above all, the hope of planning and making more memories when travel is possible again.

We look forward to providing more experiences for you, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the specially curated products and information that we have prepared!


With love,
The Centour Travel Team