Naming of this mask is inspired by the Lake McDonald in Montana


Tired of city landscapes, towering skyscrapers and dense architecture? 


Want a change of pace, taking in some beautiful sceneries of mountains or large plains?


Lake McDonald, Montana, not to be confused with the one in Australia, offers precisely that. Known as the largest lake in Glacier National Park, its view is nothing short of breathtaking.


Countless tourists and locals have gone there to relax and engage in leisure activities like hiking, or even dining against a wide, majestic backdrop of mountains.


If you are considering a road trip through the countryside to take in the scenic aspects of the United States, Lake McDonald is definitely worth checking out.


Does the epitome of relaxation appeal to you? Reach out to us and let us plan your journey, so that you can appreciate the various views in the US!

[US] - Lake McDonald

SKU: 0006
  • Fabric Type:

    • Pattern Fabric: Printed pattern on premium cotton.
    • Inner fabric: Premium Cotton
    • Thread: Pink 
    • Ear Loops: Dusty blue elastic band

    Size - Suitable for ladies (22cm (w)  x 14cm)

    Hand sewn in Singapore. 


    • Non medical reusable mask, washable and reusable with additional filters. 
    • Breathable cotton with inner premium muslin lining with 2 sided filter slot for added protection.
    • Adjustable ear loops for size & comfort for custom fit.