Naming of this mask is inspired by the Japanese Fan: 


In traditional Japan, hand fans were not just used for fanning, but they had deeper connotations. Depending on the material and design, they were considered ways to signify social standings, communication of messages, ceremonial activities, and even war signals. 

Till today, the finest fans are typically used for decorations and seldom opened. 

In fact, there are various names for the different forms and use of the fans, and even in today, there are specialized Japanese folding fan makers, due to the rich history and background of this wondrous tool.

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[Japan] - Sensu

SKU: 0003
  • Fabric Type:

    • Pattern Fabric: Printed pattern with gold layer on premium cotton.
    • Inner fabric: Premium Muslin
    • Thread: Gold threading
    • Ear Loops: Black elastic band

    Size - Suitable for ladies (20cm (w)  x 12cm)

    Hand sewn in Singapore. 


    • Non medical reusable mask, washable and reusable with additional filters. 
    • Breathable cotton with inner premium muslin lining with 2 sided filter slot for added protection.
    • Adjustable ear loops for size & comfort for custom fit.