Naming of this mask is inspired by the Chinese celebrating Chinese New Year.


It's almost 2021!


Soon, Chinese New Year will arrive for the Chinese people who celebrate it, much like the Lunar New Year for the Koreans and Japanese as well!


Did you know that there is a subtle difference in the terminology and that it does mean something different for the different ethnic groups? If you are a Chinese in Singapore, when asked what do the Mandarin oranges symbolize, are you able to answer? Fret not, because we are here for you! 

The Chinese word for the Mandarin Orange is "kam", which sounds similar to the word for gold. When one wishes another Happy Chinese New Year or 新年快乐, it is customary to exchange Mandarin Oranges, to symbolize the exchange of wealth. Also, it is widely thought that the more Mandarin Oranges there are in a household, the more "riches" that will flow into your life!


There are many more symbols and traditions in Chinese culture as well. Want to find out more? Interested to find out what is acceptable and what is to be avoided when visiting friends overseas? Let us know and we will love to be of help on your trips!

[China] - Mandarin Orange

  • Fabric Type:

    • Pattern Fabric: Printed pattern on premium cotton.
    • Inner fabric: Premium Cotton
    • Thread: Shortbread Yellow/Off White
    • Ear Loops: Yellow elastic band

    Size - Suitable for ladies (22cm (w)  x 14cm)

    Hand sewn in Singapore. 


    • Non medical reusable mask, washable and reusable with additional filters. 
    • Breathable cotton with inner premium muslin lining with 2 sided filter slot for added protection.
    • Adjustable ear loops for size & comfort for custom fit.