Naming of this mask is inspired by the Rice Terraces of Japan: 


Aside from some of the more popular destinations in Japan that are located in the city and tourist areas, take a step into the beautiful Maruyama Senmaida Rice Terraces, a historic and preserved agricultural area, amidst the other sites of nature, religion, architecture, and even relaxation of the Mie Prefecture.

Of the numerous rice terraces in Japan, Maruyama Senmaida is particularly interesting. Because of its terrain, machinery is difficult to use, and therefore, rice is planted and harvested painstakingly, by hand. The government does its part in reliefs and grants to keep the site preserved and protected from further erosion, so do visit it if you get the chance to!

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[Japan] - Maruyama Senmaida

SKU: 0005
  • Fabric Type:

    • Pattern Fabric: Printed pattern with gold layer on premium cotton.
    • Inner fabric: Premium Muslin
    • Thread: Gold threading
    • Ear Loops: Black elastic band

    Size - Suitable for ladies (20cm (w)  x 12cm)

    Hand sewn in Singapore. 


    • Non medical reusable mask, washable and reusable with additional filters. 
    • Breathable cotton with inner premium muslin lining with 2 sided filter slot for added protection.
    • Adjustable ear loops for size & comfort for custom fit.