Naming of this mask is inspired by the history of Italy. 


The Renaissance was a period of cultural revival and renewed interest in the classical antiquity in Italian history. Part of the well-known achievements was in architecture, where the emphasis was placed on symmetry, proportion, geometry, and regularity of parts.


In fact, if one were to mention Italy, many would think back to the impact it had on Western culture and cuisine. 


Rome, is home to many important landmark arts and ancient ruins. Venice, Florence, Milan, all these places, where people would flock to appreciate the works of the numerous years, present in all aspects of everyday life.


Interested in checking out how art, culture, and history tie in together? Look no further, reach out to us to satisfy your curiosity and plan your next destination!

[Italy] - Italian Renaissance

SKU: 0004
  • Fabric Type:

    • Pattern Fabric: Printed pattern with gold layer on premium cotton.
    • Inner fabric: Premium Muslin
    • Thread: Gold threading
    • Ear Loops: White elastic band

    Size - Suitable for ladies (20cm (w)  x 12cm)

    Hand sewn in Singapore. 


    • Non medical reusable mask, washable and reusable with additional filters. 
    • Breathable cotton with inner premium muslin lining with 2 sided filter slot for added protection.
    • Adjustable ear loops for size & comfort for custom fit.